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Since 1968, Michael Hyatt's work has ranged from street photography in Boston, Los Angeles, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Cuba to documenting the performances and backstage activities of prominent punk rock and roots rock bands in Los Angeles from 1980 to 1986. After moving to Arizona in late 1986, his camerawork focused on a variety of subjects including humanitarian efforts in the US/Mexico borderlands that produced the award winning book Migrant Artifacts... »MICHAEL'S FULL BIO

Michael Hyatt News
Jazz Festival – Monterey, California 1974. Photo by Michael Hyatt.

MAY 2022 On May 11, 2022 Heritage Auctions sold three photographs from my series Black Americans.

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Along the Migrant Trail: A Borderlands Portrait, published by fronteranueva books

Along the Migrant Trail: A Borderland Portrait
by Michael Hyatt
delivers a powerful view of one of today’s most controversial journeys, the migratory passage of thousands of men, women, and children, from Mexico, Central America and other nations around the world, across the Arizona-Sonora border.
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X the Band, LA 1981

APRIL 2021 The Heritage “Signature” Auction on April 12, 2021 of ten photographs of X was successful. The opening bid was $750. Final price: $2,600. Individual prints of these and others are available at X the Band.

JULY 2020 Writer's Room Recording presents the film Pictures at an Exhibition - 50 years of documentary and street photography by Michael Hyatt.

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AUGUST 2020 Singer/songwriter John Coinman’s new video Long Way From Home from his album Under the Sun features 15 photographs from Michael's book Along the Migrant Trail.

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MAY 2020 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Awards announces Along the Migrant Trail an Honorable Mention in the Culture Category. Additional distinctions include Grand Prize, da Vinci Eye and Montaigne Medal Finalist. »more info at erichoffer.com

Along the Migrant Trail: A Borderlands Portrait, published by fronteranueva books

OCT 2019 fronteranueva books in Los Angeles announces the publication of Michael Hyatt's documentary book: Along the Migrant Trail – A Borderlands Portrait. The book features 114 B/W and color photographs with a forward by scholar Rebecca Fowler Ph.D.
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"Michael Hyatt is a documentary photographer whose work exhibits more than words can express. In addition, Michael has been a leading volunteer for 17 years with Samaritans — the humanitarian aid organization dedicated to saving the lives of migrants in the Sonoran Desert. As he has hiked the hundreds of miles of migrant trails carrying life-saving water, food, and medical care, he has photographed courage, spirituality, suffering, and death in this beautiful and tragic land." —Reverend John Fife, Co-founder of Sanctuary, Tucson Samaritans, and No More Deaths
Along the Migrant Trail: A Borderlands Portrait, published by fronteranueva books
"The human will is what’s most evident in Michael Hyatt’s photographs. Depicting the principal actors in the real life and death struggle of our time, you feel the pain, the love, the hope and faith that can only come from a deep and long–time involvement as a humanitarian. His powerful images documenting the militarism and humanism in the Sonora and Arizona borderlands are an important contribution to our history." —Isabel Garcia, Co-founder of Derechos Humanos and winner of the 2018 UNAM Alfonso Garcia-Robles Human Rights Award
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