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Michael Hyatt's Photography
1969 to 1984 Selections porfolio thumbnail
1969 TO 1984: SELECTIONS
Photographs by Michael Hyatt

My interest in photography began in 1968 after seeing the work of Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Upon completion of a basic photography course at Moorpark College, I landed a job making photographs to illustrate the college catalog. The library there had a good selection of Aperture magazines. I spent hours looking at them. Then I attended a peace march in Venture where I made what I consider my first good photograph. Not that the tonal range is so great; after all the sky was heavily overcast that day. But it does speak of the polarization in American society during the Viet Nam War. Contrasting thinking and contrasting forms have dominated my images and interests ever since. Email Michael for more info.


Rose Parade – Pasadena, California 1976. Photograph by Michael Hyatt.
Rose Parade
Pasadena, CA 1976


Central Market
Los Angeles 1984


Playground (East Los Angeles, 1972)
East Los Angeles 1972


Surfer Dude (Venice, CA, 1978)
Surfer Dude
Venice, CA 1978


West Los Angeles (1977)
West Los Angeles 1977


Santa Monica, CA, (1974)
Santa Monica, CA


Carmel Valley, CA (1974)
Carmel Valley, CA


West Texas (1982)
West Texas


El Paso, Texas (1982)
El Paso, Texas


Museum of Dust (Texico, New Mexico, 1982)
Museum of Dust
Texico, New Mexico 1982


Peace March (Ventura, CA, 1969)
Peace March
Ventura, CA 1969



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