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Frontera Nueva Books

fronteranueva books in Los Angeles announces the publication of the monograph Along the Migrant Trail – A Borderlands Portrait. The book will update Migrant Artifacts – Magic & Loss in the Sonoran Desert with photographs from 2003 to the present. Release date is set for Fall 2019.

Since 1968, Michael Hyatt's work has ranged from street photography in Boston, Los Angeles, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Cuba to documenting the performances and backstage activities of prominent punk rock and roots rock bands in Los Angeles from 1980 to 1986. After moving to Arizona in late 1986, his camerawork focused on a variety of subjects including humanitarian efforts in the U.S./Mexico borderlands that produced the award winning book Migrant Artifacts.

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View transcripts of Michael's conversations with photographer and professor emeritus Harold Jones at the UA Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, October/November 2016:
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