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Michael Hyatt's Photography Books
Migrant Artifacts: Magic and Loss in the Sonoran Desert
by Michael Hyatt


The publication of Migrant Artifacts: Magic & Loss in the Sonoran Desert pays tribute to southern Arizona's humanitarian organizations working against deadly and destructive border policies to save lives and reform outdated U.S. immigration laws. Without the tireless dedication of the following individuals, the death toll would surely be much higher. Thanks go to Rev. Robin Hoover, Sue Goodman, Sister Elizabeth Ohmann, Paul Fuschini, Tim Holt, Maria Ochoa, Mark Townley, Sister Audrey Loher, Mike Wilson, Rev. Randy Mayer, Liana Rowe, Doug Roupp, Cathy Howard, Paula & Alex Mich, Lori Bryant, Mark Thornburgh, Raymond Daukei, Jean Bronson, Pam Gordon, Heidi Reukauf, Jim DeConcini, Bobbie & Kristin Roth, Ila Abernathy, Helen Lundgren RN, Linda Ray, Sarah Roberts RN, Jim Walsh, Juanita Sundberg, Lois Martin, Diane Lewallen, Ed McCullough, Kathryn Ferguson, Mike Jacobs, Sandra Anderson, Nancy Murphy RN, Sabastian Quinoc, Norma Price MD, Shura Wallin, Bethia Daughenbaugh, Moses & Kelly Thompson, Bob Cairns MD, Richard Boren, Brother David Buer, Rick & Kitty Ufford-Chase, Nancy Myers, Patrician McCarthy, Dalton McClelland MD, Rev. John Fife, Maryada Vallet, Father Bob Carney, Delle McCormick, Marisa Werner, Steve Johnston, Laura Ilardo, Sarah Launius, Geoffrey Boyce, Margo Cowan, Lupe Castillo, Shanti Selz, Daniel Strauss, Cyril Darrett, Xylem, Rev. Stuart Taylor, Isabel Garcia, Kat Rodriguez, Jennifer Allen, Ray Ybarra, Tommy Bassett, Rev. Mark Adams, and hundreds more.

Passionate border artists, writers and musicians working to interpret the crisis have provided invaluable insight during my quest to understand this complex issue and work for humane border solutions. Thanks to Valarie James, Debbi McCullough, Michael Contreras, Pancho Medina, Byrd Baylor, Ernesto Portillo, Jr., Joseph Nevins, Ruben Martinez, Luis Alberto Urrea, Ted Conover, John Annerino, Ken Ellingwood, Kevin Pakulis, Pablo Peregrina, Ted Warmbrand, Jose Saavedra and Tom Russell.

Many thanks for editing assistance by Rex Weiner, Pattie Bell Carlson, Ronn Spencer, Blake Hines, Bea Rowland, and Britt Salvesen, Curator - Center For Creative Photography. For family support and positive influence I thank my parents Bruce & Eileen Hyatt.

Finally, much credit goes to the vision of publisher Rex Weiner who's enthusiasm and hard work have made this book a reality, to Baret Lepejian's staff at A & I, Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., the board and staff at CHIRLA, plus Steve Kaiser and the staff at Photographic Works in Tucson. Sponsorship by Humane Borders in Tucson made exhibition printing and framing at the A & I Gallery possible. Thank you!

Michael Hyatt, Tucson 2007


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