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Michael Hyatt Photography
Migrant Artifacts
Guatemala: The Face of Innocence & Genocide
by Michael Hyatt

Triptych of photographs and commentary that reflects on the 36-year Guatemalan civil war: its casualties, survivors and their offspring and repatriation of the remains of those massacred by the army and paramilitary forces.
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Migrant Artifacts
Migrant Artifacts: Magic and Loss in the Sonoran Desert
by Michael Hyatt

This work bears witness to one of the world's most dangerous journeys - the migratory passage of thousands of undocumented workers north across the Arizona-Sonora border. Michael Hyatt's unsettling perspective frames the perilous trek through images of things left behind - artifacts of a journey that has become one of the most controversial issues in today's...
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Organ Pipe
Organ Pipe: Life on the Edge
by Carol Ann Bassett / Photographs by Michael Hyatt

Deep in the heart of the Sonoran Desert lies an oasis of ebony mountains, golden poppies, stately saguaros--and the organ pipe cactus, "a prickly octopus turned on its head." A terrain where one learns to pay attention to the details: the tracks of a sidewinder in the sand, the tiny eggs of a cactus wren, the flash of a vermilion flycatcher against the azure sky. Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southwestern Arizona on the Mexican border. It is...
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Beyond and Back
Beyond and Back: The Story of X
by f Stop Fitzgerald and Chris Morris
X is a cross on its side, a type of chromosome, an axis in a three-dimensional system, an unknown quantity, an American rock 'n' roll band. X is to Los Angeles what The Ramones were to New York and The Sex Pistols and The Clash were to London. No wonder Spin Magazine named X the 4th greatest Punk Rock Band of All-Time. X the band is songwriter Exene Cervenka on vocals, songwriter John Doe on vocals and bass, Billy Zoom on guitar and D.J Bonebrake on drums. Contains 9 Michael Hyatt photos plus cover shot.
Out of print.
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