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Michael Hyatt Calendars
2016 Street Photography Calendar
by Michael Hyatt and Fellow Photographers
2016 Street Photography Calendar and Dates of Photographic Interest
by the winners (includes Michael Hyatt) of the Los Angeles Center of Photography's First Annual Street Shooting Contest and Exhibition

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In early November 2014, Julia Dean, founder and executive director of Los Angeles Center of Photography, announced the creation of LACP's First Annual Street Shooting Contest and Exhibition. The deadline for entries was November 24th. Jurors were Stephen McLaren, co-author of Street Photography Now, former National Geographic photographer Sam Abell and Julia. By the deadline 120 photographers had submitted 787 images. From those the jurors chose 77 photographs for gallery and online exhibition. The 2016 Street Photography Calendar features some of the best images. These photographers have donated their work to cover the cost of printing, promotion and to fund a street photography need-based scholarship for fall 2015 at Los Angeles Center of Photography... more
2015 Humanitarian Aid & Social Justice Calendar by Michael Hyatt and Fellow Photographers
2015 Humanitarian Aid & Social Justice Calendar
by Michael Hyatt

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Another year has come and gone and the US Border Patrol still refuses to identify the agent(s) who shot and killed Jose Antonio in Nogales, Sonora through the border wall as he walked down a nearby street. This unprovoked attack has devastated his family and friends. The calendar cover illustrates the 2nd Annual March for Justice in his case. In another part of Nogales the San Juan Basco Migrant Shelter continues its mission of assisting those less fortunate. Serving over 1 million and founded 32 years ago by Juan Francisco & Gilda Loureiro, the center is named for humanitarian Catholic Priest Juan Basco. On the other side of the US/Mexico border, humanitarian coalition No More Deaths formed in 2004 to help stem the rising tide of migrant deaths. A press conference at Southside Presbyterian Church was chaired by Elizabeth Garcia, Reverend Stuart Taylor, Rick Ufford-Chase, Jennifer Hill & Reverend John Fife. Out in Cabeza Prieta, National Wildlife Refuge Humane Borders volunteers replace blue flags marking water location each November. It was in this area in May 2001, prior to the installation of flags, that fourteen migrants perished. Samaritans also work to prevent deaths in other areas of the Arizona killing fields by placing water along migrant trails. All over southern Arizona, artist Al Enciso and other Samaritans volunteers memorialize migrants lives by placing unique crosses at death sites. The ghost of a young migrant's unknown fate is suggested in Mysterious Form Near a Migrant Camp. Other photographs bear witness to a seemingly crisis-without-end and the efforts of citizens of conscience to save lives. Calendar dates of interest reveal troubling statistics that show migrants worldwide are risking life and limb to escape poverty, war, persecution and violence. Birthdates, quotes by humanitarian leaders and more round out the focus of this 2015 calendar.

2014 Humanitarian Aid & Social Justice Calendar
by Michael Hyatt and Fellow Photographers
2014 Humanitarian Aid & Social Justice Calendar
by Michael Hyatt and Fellow Photographers

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Three years after publishing the 2011 calendar, little has changed regarding migrant deaths in the Arizona desert. The proportion of deaths to number of apprehensions has actually increased. So humanitarian groups continue to provide aid. Developments of concern since 2011 include cross-border killing of Mexican citizens by Border Patrol agents. The death of 16-year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez is one tragic example. Increases militarization of the border has led to more agents and drones, and talk of more walls needed to placate immigration reform foes. Operation Streamline criminalizes 70 migrants at Tucson's federal courthouse each weekday enriching prison profiteers to the tune of $600,000+ tax dollars each day. Activists working to oppose this dehumanizing system shut down Streamline for a day on October 10, 2013. Earlier in the year activists gathered at Senator John McCain's Tucson office to protest his push for more walls regardless of habitat and environmental destruction. Fellow photographers will continue to address border issues. Social justice dates of interest and quotes by humanitarian leaders round out the focus of this 2014 calendar.

2013 Gallery 1331 Calendar
2013 Gallery 1331 Calendar of Photographs & Dates of Interest
by Michael Hyatt

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The 2013 Gallery 1331 X Calendar of Photographs & Dates of Interest features sixteen shots of X and one of The Knitters. Dates of musical, historical and humorous importance grace every day of the year. Want to know the birthdates of John, Exene, Billy and D.J. plus that of Top Jimmy and Ray Manzarek (Doors keyboardist and producer of the first three X albums), look no further that this 2013 calendar. Several hundred more birthdates are included by rock, blues, jazz, folk, Americana and roots country artists as well as recording dates by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, etc. The credits page features a complete discography of X albums and all the solo projects by each band member. Some of the photographs included are part of the Lucky 13 X Box Set of postcards and some have never been published. Mail-order and payment is easy with PayPal or send a check or MO for speedy delivery. Enjoy all of 2013 with the Calendar of X Photographs and Dates of Interest for just $20 postage paid.

Cover of 2012 calendar
Tucson Photographers Shot Rock 'n' Roll 2012 Calendar
by Michael Hyatt and Fellow Photographers

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This calendar was created to benefit Tucson Artist & Musician's Healthcare Alliance. It features the work of the following 12 photographers who have donated their images:
  • C. Elliott : celliott20@cox.net
  • fotovitamina (Rosanna Salonia & Matthew Yates) : fotovitamina.com
  • Michael Hyatt : michael-hyatt.com
  • Denyse Leventman : photochic01@hotmail.com
  • Jamie Manser : jlmanser.com
  • Mark Martinez : markamartinez.com
  • Steven Meckler : mecklerphotography.com
  • David Olsen : theZmag.com
  • David Rose : davidrose.com
  • Jeff Smith : jeffsmithusa.com
  • Ronn Spencer : ronnspencer.com
  • Kevin Yeanoplos : examiner.com/concerts-in-Tucson/kevin-yeanoplos
The Tucson Artists and Musicians Healthcare Alliance (T.A.M.H.A.) is an alliance of artists and art advocates dedicated to the sustainability and vitality of our arts community. T.A.M.H.A. provides Tucson artists with local accessible healthcare resources. Their goal is too insure that the local creative community and T.A.M.H.A. members have access to the healthcare resources they need. They do this by providing information about local healthcare and preventative care resources and by offering an Emergency Relief Program to T.A.M.H.A. members. This program provides up to a $1000.00 stipend to cover the cost of emergency medical needs. The funds for the program are raised through annual fundraisers and private donations. Contact: TAMHApulse@gmail.com.

2011 Humanitarian Aid and Social Justicecalendar
The 2011 Humanitarian Aid & Social Justice Calendar
by Michael Hyatt

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I am an artist/activist who's been documenting the immigration crisis on the Arizona/Sonora border since 2002. That year I began noticing the dramatic increase in migrant deaths in Arizona and became aware of humanitarian efforts by HUMANE BORDERS & SAMARITANS to save innocent lives. I began volunteering with them and for NO MORE DEATHS when it formed. Thus I am able to directly participate in life saving efforts and continue exercising my passion for documentary photography inspired by my mentors Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and Russell Lee. Their compelling photographs in the 1930s & 1940s showed destitute American migrants struggling to survive. That work helped change public sentiment & government policies. It is my hope that the photographs and information in this calendar will inspire social action leading to humane immigration policies that eliminate suffering and death along the migrant trail. Partial proceeds benefit Arizona humanitarian efforts.

Cover of 2010 calendar
The 2010 Gallery 1331 X Calendar
by Michael Hyatt & Exene Cervenka

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In 1982 Exene Cervenka and I created the Gallery 1331 Xerography Calendar. It featured my photographs and Exene's graphics illustrating dates of musical and historical importance. Because 2010 and 1982 match accurately, except for moon phases and eclipses, we have created the 2010 Gallery 1331 X Calendar. It reprises Exene's graphics from 1982 and features 19 of my best photographs of X from 1980 - 1983. Some of the photographs included are part of the Lucky 13 X Box Set of postcards. That limited edition of 1,300 sets is nearly sold out (see postcards for details). Some photographs in the calendar have never been published before, including a lovely portrait of Exene on the road in Texas. Enjoy 2010 with Exene, John, Billy and D.J.!

Cover of the 1986 Blues Classics calendar
The 1986 Blues Classics Calendar
by Michael Hyatt & Exene Cervenka

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The concept with the 1986 calendar was to expand the labels from one, Arhoolie, to twelve. As it turned out, Arhoolie had two with Elizabeth Cotton and Clifton Chenier. The balance went to Columbia with Robert Johnson, Specialty with Percy Mayfield, Stax with Jimmy McCracklin, Kent with Big Joe Turner, Crescendo with Queen Ida, Folkways with Big Bill Broonzey, Sonny Terry and Browney McGhee, Zazoo with Mississippi John Hurt, Rhino with Slim Harpo, Peacock with Gatemouth Brown and Milestone with a blues compilation of various artists. Full color album covers dominate this collection. A Walker Evans photograph graces the cover of the Milestone compilation. Calendar measures 12" X 12". Likewise, a few dozen of 2,500 made of these fine calendars are yours for a pittance. Hang it on the wall and wait for 2014, it's right around the corner.

Cover of the 1985 calendar
The 1985 Blues Classics Arhoolie Calendar
by Michael Hyatt & Exene Cervenka

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In 1984 I attended the Bob Wills Festival in Texas where I met Chris Strachwitz, founder of Arhoolie Records in Richmond, California. I'd been thinking about doing a calendar featuring album cover art. During the festival I got to know Chris and proposed to him that we do one with some of the great Arhoolie blues artists. He agreed, as long as I financed it. I agreed, so he loaned me the artwork. Five months later, after collecting hundreds of blues dates of interest, two thousand copies were pressed. Black and white album cover art alternates with color cover art. Big Joe Turner, who I got to know well, autographed 3 copies at a Willie Dixon tribute concert in West L.A. one night. Many of these sold at record shops, and blues shows and festivals around California (Carlos Santana bought two at the San Francisco Blues Festival). Others sold via mail order and at the Arhoolie Records Store. Calendar measures 12" x 12". A few dozen of the 2,000 remain available for purchase. It'll work in 2013, if the blues don't get you first.

Cover of the 1984 calendar
The 1984 Calendar of Olympic Games, Music & Orwellian Dates
by Michael Hyatt, Exene Cervenka and 53 Mail Artists from Around the World

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This calendar, in date book form, came about during the time I got to know prominent members of the Mail Art community in Los Angeles. I'd been making and collecting postcards for awhile by then and got involved with some very committed Mail Artists and their extended communities in many parts of the world. Mail artists tend to be eccentric and prolific, liking to communicate with other artists through the postal system. Mail Art comes in all sizes and shapes, though it's mostly two-dimensional and sized to fit standard mailboxes. According to Wikipedia, "the term 'mail art' can refer to an individual message, the medium through which it is sent, and an art movement. An amorphous international mail art network, involving thousands of participants in over fifty countries, evolved between the 1950s and the 1990s. It was influenced by other movements, including Dada and Fluxus. One theme in mail art is that of commerce-free exchange; early mail art was, in part, a snub of gallery art, juried shows, and exclusivity in art." I could relate to that aspect of the movement very easily, having found few outlets showing documentary photography, considered passe by many "art photography" gallery owners at the time. In May 1983 I mailed over five hundred invitations to artists worldwide. Participants could make art about one of the themes or combine all three if they wished. By the deadline I received over two hundred responses. These were narrowed to fifty-two works for the datebook. All Mail Art received was displayed in a show in a Los Angeles gallery during July and August 1984. Exene Cervenka created fifty-two unique weekly calendars containing a lot of information. Calendar measures 5.5" x 7". A few dozen of the 1,500 date books produced remain available for purchase. Save it for 2012. It'll work then too.

cover of 1983 calendar
The 1983 Gallery 1331 Xerography Calendar of Musical Dates
by Michael Hyatt & Exene Cervenka

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out of print
In April 1982 I drove from L.A. to New Orleans to attend both weekends of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Part of my objective was to make music related photographs for the 1983 calendar. I found plenty to photograph during that trip. Two images seen in the 1969 to 1982 Portfolio, the Blackie Richards one from Texico, New Mexico and the Kool Cigarette billboard seen in El Paso, made the calendar. Only two photographs from that period survive as Xerographs. Both Mary’s Bar and Gary’s Bar are available in the postcards section of this website. Calendar measures 11" X 14". All 1,000 copies of the '83 calendar sold out years ago.

Cover of 1982 calendar
THE 1982 Gallery 1331 Xerography Calendar
by Michael Hyatt & Exene Cervenka

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out of print
When I began photographing the Hollywood punk rock bands The Plugz and X in 1980, I noticed that all the bands made flyers to promote their upcoming shows and that the band photographs on the flyers had a certain quality. Mid-tones were sacrificed for stark high contrast. What started out as unplanned style developed into a conscious look that even affected fashion. Xerography was well suited for this brash new music. I found a copy shop in Santa Monica that had the latest Xerox machine that let me manipulate the tones beyond the lighter/darker functions. I'd go in late nights and experiment. The portrait of The Plugz (see the Musicians Portfolio) made the day they opened for Johnny Rotten's Public Image Limited at the Olympic Auditorium was my first Xerograph. The Plugz began using the image on their flyers. That led to a four-foot tall silkscreen poster made by renowned graphic artist Richard Duardo. When I met John Doe and Exene they commented on how much they liked the poster and asked if I'd photograph X. Within a short time I began making Xerographs of X photos and selling them as postcards at X shows. After shooting the rooftop portrait of X I decided to make a calendar to display my work. While on tour with X in late 1980, I had the pleasure of witnessing Exene's highly creative graphic arts work. Her collage diaries were packed with found objects and her pen & ink drawings. Rubber stamps were also part of her arsenal. She was, I thought, the obvious person to create the calendar portion for each month. She agreed and quickly set to work designing each page, incorporating the dates of interest that I submitted. Each page is unique. The completed calendars sold at X shows and even at the L.A. County Museum of Art bookstore. Calendar measures 8.5" X 11". There are a few left of the 500 made for discriminating collectors.

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