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Michael Hyatt's Classic Railroad Song Collections
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Steel Rails - train song collection
Steel Rails CDout of print
The rich history of railroad lore has provided the inspiration for hundreds of great American folk, country and bluegrass songs. Tributes to fast trains, heroes, outlaws, hoboes and disasters still capture our imaginations. Modern songwriters often portray the train as a symbol of freedom, as a means of escape from one's troubles, as the source of lost or returning love, or as a spiritual metaphor. Nostalgic songs about the age of steam reflect...
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Mystery Train -  train song collection
Mystery Train CDout of print
Real railroads haul passengers, freight, and mail. The trains of our music and literature also carry symbols: they can represent freedom and wanderlust, eros, machismo, escape, work, the ultimate journey that marks life's end, or nostalgia for a bygone age. This collection of songs about trains and railroads offers some of each of these, from the turn-of-the-century tale of Casey Jones to the "disappearing railroad blues" of the...
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Night Train -  train song collection
Night Train CDout of print
In the 100 year period that began in 1830, the steam locomotive was the prime industrial force that shaped our landscape. The railroad's impact on American music has been of equal significance, providing themes, metphors, and images that richly invest song after song with color and meaning. In the African-American tradition, the rhythms of the railroad - the chug chug of the steam engine, the clickety-clack of...
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Bluegrass Express -  train song collection
Bluegrass Express CDout of print
From the very dawn of country music in 1923, and from the first successful bluegrass in 1940, there's always been a special connection between high-balling trains roaring through the night and a bluegrass band slicing through the smoke of a Cincinnati bar like a white-hot laser. Welcome to our look at the magic and special relationship between bluegrass and trains. For years, musicians have...
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Raised by the Railroad Line -  train song collection
Roy Acuff's Great Train Songs CDout of print
Grand ole Opry star Roy Acuff & his Smoky Mountain Boys present 12 great train songs on this reissue of the Hickory Records LP, originally released in 1965. One of his most famous recordings, Wabash Cannonball, is included plus Night Train to Memphis, Fireball Mail, Freight Train Blues, Hank Williams' Pan American, Tennessee Central (No. 9) and The Glory Bound Train. The tall tales and locomotive rhythms of railroad lore...
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Johnny Cash All Aboard the Blue Train - train song collection
Johnny Cash: All Aboard the Blue Trainout of print
Riding the rails of America was a long-time lyrical passion for Johnny Cash. He wrote at least a dozen train songs including Hey, Porter!, the B-side of his first Sun Records single. He also recorded a couple of dozen more in the public domain and by other songwriters including Casey Jones heard on Mystery Train. In the liner notes to that compilation, Norm Cohen states that "Johnny Cash has established his credentials as far as...
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Johnny Cash Ridin' the Rails -  train song collection
Johnny Cash: Ridin' the Rails,
The Great American Train Story DVD
out of print
There's nothing that stirs my imagination like the sound of a steam locomotive--that lonesome whistle cutting through the night and that column of black smoke and steam throwing shadows across the land. When I was a boy the trains ran past my house and they carried with them the promise that somewhere down the track anything would be possible. (Johnny Cash) Originally aired on television in 1974, this video is a nostalgic look at the history of the American railroad as told and sung by the legendary Johnny Cash. You'll ride the...
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